april 2013 008

Last semester the children had a “student led conference” that we wrote about in a previous post. This semester they had a “three way conference” right before easter. This time the teacher also participated, but other than that it was very much the same as last time. The children show a lot of the work they have done in school. It is very nice for us as parents to see what they have done and the developement they have had. Our boys were really looking forwards to this day, and so were we.

looking at pictures

looking at pictures

april 2013 005april 2013 001

walking from the school to the kindergarten

walking from the school to the kindergarten

When we came here none of our boys were reading. Now Erik is reading very well in both Indonesian, English and Norwegian. Joakim has lately started to read too. Even Daniel can read some simple words and sentences. When we came here we were quite surprised to see how much was expected of the children at such a young age. We almost felt a bit sorry for our youngest boys who had little chance to play and instead started learning letters and numbers.

april 2013 083april 2013 053

The children though have really enjoyed it, and have had a very good time in the school and kindergarten. There are two teachers and maximum 20 children in each class, and the teachers have very good relationships with the children. Our boys have also made some very good friends here. They are looking forwards to going to England and Norway, but are sad that we are not going to come back here. They are sad that they will not see their friends again. And they have already started praying that they will get new friends in England.

april 2013 075

april 2013 074april 2013 076

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  1. Rannveig says:

    Flinke og gilde guttar!

  2. Lisa Reime Helgeland says:

    Så gildt – flotte gutter! 😊

  3. Inge Tappel says:

    Fantastisk å se og lese om alt guttene har lært. Det blir nok tungt å reise men slike gutter får fort nye venner . Gud velsigne dere i all forberedelse til utreise/ hjem reise… Borgny

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