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What would we have done without KFC here in Kupang? Being the only western style restaurant here it has been quite a big part of our life. So we cannot have a blog  about our life in Kupang and not have a post about the KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Very often when we go to the KFC I ( Monica) think back to the day we arrived here in Kupang. We landed at the airport and got a taxi to take us to the hotel where we had booked a room. The room consisted of 2 single beds, a mattress on the floor, and a lizard…Not very inviting. ( The next day we checked into another much nicer and more practical hotel) So we got out on the street to check out this new city we had arrived in. This street is one of the most busy in the whole of Kupang, and not really that inviting either. So we decided to make our way to the Flobamora mall and the KFC that we had read about on the internet. We tried to get a taxi, but there were just lots of bemos and we didn’t know where we had to go. Luckily we saw a policeman and asked him where we could find a taxi. The policeman didn’t speak much english but understood where we wanted to go, and offered to take us there in his police car! He even wanted to give us his phone number so that  he could come and pick us up after we had finished!

After our first meal at KFC we came back quite often. Especially in the first month when we were still living in hotels.We were there probably 3-4 times per week. Thinking back now I wonder where on earth we ate those days when we did not go to the KFC? Once we got our own place we were able to gradually start cooking ourselves. ( Once we found out a few meals we could make) so our trips to the KFC became much less regular. And now when we have the new hypermarket we can cook nicer food at home and go there even less.

So what is so special about KFC? Nothing really, just that we all like the food, it is nice and clean, and the children really enjoy watching ads for KFC on all the TV screens they have. Also it has quite a nice little play area. This means that it is very popular for arranging birthday parties for children…

The birthday girl

The birthday girl

Last week Daniel came home and proudly showed us his invitation for a birthday party at mars 2013 004the KFC. One of the girls in his class was celebrating her birthday there. After having been to a few parties we are starting to learn the codes for parties in Kupang. The first thing to know is that unless you want to be the first person there you should not come on time. If you want to arrive right before the program starts you should come one hour late. People will actually be arriving all the way up to the time the party is finished. Another thing to say mars 2013 012about parties here is that they are BIG. Everyone is invited. Friends, family, neighbours, everyone you know. And many children will bring their siblings, parents, maids and so on…So back to the party at the KFC…Once the program started they had a lot of party games for the children. A big part of the party is slicing the birthday cake. But only a few chosen people get to taste a little spoonful of cake. Then completely at the end the food is handed out. Boxes with chicken and rice, drinks, and a bag of sweets ( which are enormous and in reality enough for a whole family). Then people go home and eat the food at home. In most parties though the food is served and eaten at the party.


Otherwise we just want to wish you all a very happy easter celebration! Our easter holiday starts tomorrow after we have had a ” three way conference” with all the three children. This is similar to the student led conference we had in the autumn, just that this time the teacher is also a part of it. We are really looking forwards to this holiday, as I am sure you all are!

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2 Responses to KFC IN KUPANG

  1. Rannveig says:

    Gomåren! Fint å høyra, eit anderledes land. Nå skin sola og her er minus 6 kl halv åtte om morgonen. Ein arbeidsdag til og så er det påskeferie. God påske til familien, next year in …….!

  2. Målfrid says:

    Me har også hatt en nydelig påske ferie! Vært på østlandet, men nå er hverdagen i gang igjen. Håper dere har det godt. Klem

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