Around a year ago we were in the middle of preparations for going to West-Timor, Indonesia. We had already sold our house and had started to give away/throw/sell or pack away our earthly belongings. When we look back  it was quite an amazing time. We were taking a big step of faith, but it didn’t really feel like that. It just felt completely normal. ( even though we knew that what we were doing was not really that normal). The reason I (Monica) am saying that it was an amazing time is because God completely carried us through that time of big transition. He made everything go so smoothly. He gave us such big peace in everything we were doing. We knew that we were doing a crazy thing, but we knew we were doing it for God. We could really feel that He was so present in all our practical work of moving our family. It didn’t necessarily make sense and we knew that we could be wrong. However, even if we were to later find out that it was wrong we would still do it, because we  BELIEVED that it was what God wanted.

We came here because God led us clearly into coming here, but we did not know what we were going to do here.  In reality we knew nothing about anything. The only thing we knew was that we had to wait for God, and do what He wanted us to, and not just do our own thing.We can testify of how God completely took care of us and gave us  everything we needed. We had nothing, He gave us everything. A house, friends, school for the children, a car and everything else that we have needed.  That is worth many posts by itself, and we have written about it many times before. God really showed us his faithfulness once again.

januar 2012 001

We thought God took us here because He wanted us to do something for Him here. Now we see that our time here has not been about what God was going to do through us, but what God was going to show us. For those of you who have read the post called “THE BREAKTHROUGH” you might have realized that God has really surprised us here. We haven’t really done much other than spend time with God, but God has really spoken quite a lot. Why we had to come all the way to the ends of the world in order to hear these things, we do not totally understand. We do see though that this has  been a place with  few distractions so that God has had a lot of opportunity to speak.

We really believe that Peter has received a message that needs to be shared. The message  about deception in the church in the end times is for the whole church.  We started to realize that we would not be coming back here after our visa expires in the end of May. We have been in a very isolated part of the world this year. Geographically we feel God is taking us  out of the isolation and back to the ” centre of the world”.  So our next move will actually be to ENGLAND.  We have not received  “writing on the wall” this time, 🙂  ( to all of you who have heard the story of how God led us to come here) but God has given us new direction clearly enough for us to act on it. We have had our rounds of asking God is this REALLY what you are saying, of “counting the costs”, and facing all the new challenges. Now we have come to a place where we feel ready, we have peace, we are happy about our next step, and we see that it makes sense. ( Which in itself is quite a little miracle as Peter has said so many times that he never wants to go back to his home country 🙂 ) And we know that God is going to lead us and take care of us in our new step of faith, just as He has always done before.

Peter’s additions to the post:

God started to show me firstly from His Word, but also in other ways that when Jesus and the Apostles speak of the last days, the first thing they mention is deception.  They go on to warn us against deception.  I believe we are in the days where there are real dangerous deceptions in the church.  Old deceptions, and newer deceptions.   This message of warning against deception, is for the whole church.  I am well aware that there are others around the world whom Jesus is saying the same sort of thing too.  England will, we believe, be a significant place in the last days.  There is much spiritual deception and darkness in my homeland.  In many ways, England is a place that touches the whole world…in language, in commerce and business, in being a place where the nations come to study/work, and in spiritual ways too.  Many ministries and large churches are based in London and the rest of the UK. So from the first of June our address will be somewhere in England…

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5 Responses to FINDING OUR WAY

  1. Rannveig says:

    Vi gleder oss veldig!

  2. Målfrid says:

    Ja dette er spesielt! Ble veldig glad da jeg fikk mail av deg. I tilfelle det er tvil om den kom frem; jeg har fått mail, og har sendt tilbake. Lykke til den siste tiden dere har der nede nå da, blir nok trist å reise fra vennene deres der også… Vi snakkes!

  3. Heidi says:

    Fantastisk å høre!! Og amen til at kirka trenger åpenbaring om deception! For sannheten vil sette oss fri!!

  4. Inge Tappel says:

    Hei til Monica og Peter, vi leser ivrig selvom det er lenge mellom hver gang, Gud blir så nær når dere forteller , vi lever ofte med sky lapper i vår egen ego-veren. Takk og lov for alt dere deler og for en tro på en stor levende GUD. Lykke til, med avsltuning . Veien er ikke lang til Engl. Inge kommer fra London i kvekd og jeg skal dit i april… Klem Borgny

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