November 2012 035This past week I, Peter, have been attending a conference here hosted by one of the local churches.  It was a conference for Pastors and leaders.  I am neither of these, but was invited by the hosting Pastor to attend this conference.  It is quite interesting as to how that came about.

One of our neighbours is the Managing Director of the housing association where we live.  He is ethnically Chinese, very friendly, and has been very helpful with us, as has been the whole of his family.  It was one of his sisters whose engagement party we were invited to at the end of last year.  He is a Christian, and one day I had to ask him a trivial question about the water situation here.  We had not gotten our weekly fill up of water through the mains pipe.  So we needed to order a water truck.  After he ordered it for me, he asked  me if we knew what we were going to do here yet.  This was still right in the middle of a time of prayer for Monica and I.  We were still very early on in the process of finding out how to share what God had showed us.  However, I thought it would be okay to say a little of what God had showed me to him, which I did.  Later on that day, we had to go with him to sign some forms at the lawyer’s office.  These were to do with the house, and should have been done months ago.  On the way home, we talked a little more about what God had said to me.

A few days later, he called me on my mobile.  There were some other papers at his office that we had to sign.  Again, they were to do with the house, and once again, they should have been signed months ago.  He had been too busy to do it, but it had not been a problem, it was just a formality.  As we sat in his office, he again asked us about what God had shown me.  He told us, that it was good that we wanted to share this with the church here.  He then asked us if we wanted to meet his Pastor.  His church was just 2 minutes walk away.  We agreed, so we met the Pastor in his workshop (the church was over the workshop).  Our friend told the Pastor a little about us, and about what God had shown me.  The Pastor then said that in a few days he was having a conference for Pastors and leaders.  There would be around 200 attendees.  The guest preacher was a Pastor from Singapore, who spoke english, and one of the themes was, ‘God’s Plan For The End Time Church’.  The Pastor said, that maybe I could meet some people there, and get to share the message with them.

November 2012 033The conference was attended by local people, men and women.  I was the only foreigner there, apart from the guest preacher, who was ethnically Chinese.  The average height of the attendees was around 1.5 metres, so I stood out a bit.  The preacher spoke about many things that pastors and leaders have to deal with, which I wont go into detail for this post.  There was also much for the likes of me too.  In the breaks I got to meet up with some of the people.  There were also some who spoke a bit of english I got to know, whom I had some nice conversations with.  I also spoke with a pastor and his wife, who had both been involved in the occult for over 10 years, but Jesus had set them free and they were now pastoring young people here in Kupang.  They have said that they will invite me to speak with them at their church, which could be a house church I think.  They said that I could speak with the young people about  what God has shown me concerning the last days.  The pastor himself told me that he has had cancer, and may still have it too.  I look forward to meeting them again.

November 2012 229Long post here…I will end by mentioning another man I met who spoke good english.  He was an old man of 84, and seemed to just have a few teeth, but had learnt english at the British Council in the 1950s in another part of Indonesia.  He was from the mountain town of Soe, a few hours drive from Kupang.  He was a witness to the great revival that happened there in the mid to late 60s, and one of his family  members is quite well-known in the US due to the revival.  However, the old man was very humble, and very thin.  He said that he believed that the Lord had brought us together, and he was very pleased for that.  He has invited me to come to his house in Kupang and talk and pray together.  I will look forward to this, as it is quite special to meet a first hand witness to the Soe revival, who is still alive, and who speaks english.  So, God has been faithful in opening doors to us, to meet people and share with them.  Thankyou for all your prayers.

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