december 2012 009

In the middle of October Peter felt God tell him that soon there was going to be a breakthrough. Shortly afterwards we got a phone call from somebody asking if we wanted to meet them and possibly help out with their ministry. This particular ministry was something that we would both have been very interested in, so we agreed to meet them and were quite excited. We used time to pray about this meeting, but were trying to keep our expectations down. We packed the whole family in the car, and drove off to this meeting place. We quickly realized though that this was no opening in any way (we will skip all the details) and were  a bit puzzled when we went home.

Around the same time God started to speak to Peter about things from His Word concerning the last days.  In particular concerning deception in the church.  Being prepared for the last days is something that has been on his heart for a long time, so in that sense this was not anything new. We believed that this message should of course be shared with others, so, Peter began a new blog and wrote what God had revealed to him. We saw this as a breakthrough. But this Christmas we have started to realize that this is the breakthrough. So this means that God is taking us in a new and unexpected direction. Our thoughts about why we are here have changed.

december 2012 004

We are aware that some things that we believe God has shown Peter, could be deemed controversial by some.  Some may accept this message, others may not, some may even oppose it.  That is not the point.  We just need to share this, as Jesus has revealed it to us.  You can check out the blog at:

This is a message for the whole church, but we are realizing that in this God has  a special message for the church here in Kupang. We are praying about how to share what is on God’s heart to the people here. Peter will start to contact different pastors that we know. We would very much appreciate prayer that Peter will be given the right words to say and the right people to say them to.

december 2012 018

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