desember 2012 021

The boys have already had one week of Christmas holiday, and have 2 weeks left. The last day they had a very nice christmas celebration in a hotel nearby. Parents filled up the hall, as the children came in in a procession with lit candles and went to their seats .Bible verses were read in many of the different local languages and many christmas songs were sung. The muslim children and teachers participated just like all the others. Then came the highlight for all the parents, seeing their children on the stage together with the rest of their class.   They have been practicing on different dances from the different islands in east Indonesia for the last few months. All our boys were up on the stage and did very well! Very nice for us to watch! Earlier in the program all the children came forwards to give a little gift that will be given to children in some of these other islands. At the end all the children and all the teachers got on the stage to sing the big hit from the 80`s ” We are the world ”

desember 2012 088

After this all families had brought some cake and everybody helped themselves to something to eat. The children gathered with their classes and got a little gift from somebody else, and got their report cards. Daniel and Joakim got report cards too, to our surprise. Erik got two report cards. One being the school one, and the other one the report card that is used in all the other schools in Kupang. In every subject he got grades for many different aspects of that subject, both for achievement and effort. To be honest we haven`t had a chance to look much at them. It is all in Indonesian, so it is going to be a big job to go through it, and it must have been an even bigger job for the teachers to give all these grades.

The children are excited that it is soon christmas. They don`t seem to miss the snow or the cold or even the pinnekjøtt for dinner. The person in the family who misses the norwegian christmas the most is probably Peter! We are looking forwards to our own celebration, and are curious to see how christmas is celebrated in this corner of the world!

We want to say thank you so much for all of you who follow us on our blog! We really appreciate all comments and the fact that we see people are reading what we are writing! We want to wish you all a


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  1. Rannveig says:

    God jul til dere også, dere vil bli savnet både på julaften og ellers i høytiden – ikke minst på 2.juledagsfrokosten på Hellvik. Julegave kommer 24.12., let så finner dere! Hilsen mor

  2. Lisa Reime Helgeland says:

    En riktig god jul til dere også! Stor klem fra oss 5

  3. Eilen says:

    God jul til alle 5! Gler meg til å lesa om feiringa dokkas etterkvart.

    Her hos oss har julefreden senka seg, iallefall inne. Ute bles det storm, så det er godt å vera innandørs. Me startar jula, tradisjonen tru, med pizza og pepparkakehuspynting hos Kari og Svein Arne i kveld

  4. Ingar says:

    Very surprising to hear that the boys don’t miss the cold, the snow and the rain. Those are after all the main features of Norway. 🙂
    It’s been raining, raining and raining the last 2-3 days here, and according to the forecast we still have quite a few days left.
    At least THFC are making things better. 🙂

    • THFC…do you mean The Hot Forecast Centre? 🙂
      We are now in the wet season here, and at times it rains so heavy, that you cannot hear yourself think…but in Norway, you are always in the wet season. 🙂 Yes, Norway is all about the cold, snow, and the rain. And brown goat`s cheese…not found anywhere else in the galaxy!

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