desember 2012 126Kupang is a city with a lot of potential. On the one side it is very underdeveloped, on the other side we see a lot of development. It was quite fascinating to see how much it had changed just in the two weeks we were away. The biggest difference had to do with the seasons. We left a dry and brown city, and came back to a green and lush one. Quite amazing what difference a little bit of rain can do. It hadn’t even rained much while we were gone. But other than that we came back and saw new shops popping up along the roads, new businesses having being started and new hotels almost being finished.

Before we left Kupang somebody told us that there was going to be a new hypermarket opening up in december. We drive past this place many times per day as it is between our house and the school. We had seen the last couple of months that building work was going on, and wondered what it was going to be. Today was the big day, the day this hypermarket was going to open. We must admit that we had a little bit of expectations, but tried to not get them too high…Early in the afternoon, after baking and decorating christmas cookies ( kakemenn) we got into our car and drove off to this new shop. Obviously we had picked the wrong day, we were not the only ones who were curious to check this new shop out. Half of Kupang seemed to be there too…

For sure we were not disappointed. In fact we were extremely impressed. We thought that we might  find some things that we can’t get anywhere else in Kupang, but this exceeded all our expectations. They had a fresh food section, and that was completely amazing! When we saw it Peter said ” This is going to change our life…” There they had loads of fruit AND loads of vegetables. Our days of driving around Kupang buying tomatoes one place and cucumbers somewhere else are over! They even had fresh milk there, and not just fresh milk but fresh skimmed milk!

We had a little hope that one day we would be able to buy chicken ( the kind that is dead, plucked and ready to cook ) and even chicken fillet. Not only did they have chicken fillet, they had lots of nice meat and fresh fish and even fish fillet. And the thing that hadn’t even entered our heads to even hope for was the most amazing thing of all – salmon fillet!!!( So now Peter is in the kitchen making salmon for dinner) So now I have no further wishes for christmas gifts, I have all that I need! God has truly answered some prayers that we haven’t even thought of praying!

desember 2012 122desember 2012 121

Half of Kupang lining up to pay!

Standing in line for around one hour to pay wasn’t as nice as everything else in the shop, especially not for our three little boys. They had 20 open cashiers, but that was obviously not enough for half of Kupang. We are really looking forwards to coming back to the shop on a quieter occasion to really look around! This is probably a big christmas gift for the whole of Kupang!

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  1. Moster Frøydis says:

    Det hørtes fantastisk ut – vel unt!!!

  2. Rannveig says:

    Gode nyheter! Kjenner kor glade de er og kor godt dette skal vera for framtidig matlaging i Gilmour-heimen.

  3. Seljeskog says:

    Får dere riskrem og ribbe der også ? Skal hilse fra Grete 🙂

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