december 2012 014We have now been back from our trip to Kuala Lumpur a few days.  Firstly, we would like to say thank you to everyone who prayed for us and the visa situation whilst we were there.  We really appreciate that, and the good news is that we were given 60 day tourist visas which we can extend, like we had before!  The embassy visit was one of the first things we did in KL, so as to not have to stress with the thought of that over the whole trip, and to give ourselves the time to rush down to Singapore and get a visa there if that was needed.  Thankfully not.  Thank you again for your prayers.

december 2012 009KL is a very nice city.  So many high buildings, and a real big city feel, which Monica and I really like.  It is also very child friendly as there were many nice parks across the city, a bit like London, in that sense.  Some of these had very big and nice playgrounds.  This was great for the boys as they got to run around and use up a lot of their, seemingly, limitless energy.  One of these parks was right outside the Petronas Towers, the tallest twin towers in the world. This park also had a small water park area, which the boys really splashed around in!   Some of the shopping centres also had play areas, which the boys really enjoyed.  In fact one of the shopping centres had a roller coaster (berg og dal bane) inside and other rides for young children.  The dodgems were very popular…they got a buzz out of crashing into each other!  The boys also got their vaccine boosters (unavailable in Kupang) at a medical centre in the shopping centre where the Petronas Towers are situated.

Who`s the tallest?

Who`s the tallest?

If you ever visit Kuala Lumpur, you must go up the Petronas Towers.  It is the must thing to do.  You do not go to London and not see Big Ben, or Berlin and not see the Berlin Wall, or Kupang and not see…well, there is not a lot to see in Kupang really. 🙂 So, we went up the towers…very impressive.  At first you are taken up to the bridge that joins the two towers together.  Then, you are taken up to almost the highest floor, where there is a stunning view of the city.  Very high!  We all enjoyed our time there.  The oil company Petronas also have a museum lower down in the shopping centre.  It is a bit like the Oil Museum in Stavanger, but a bit bigger.  The boys and I spent a few hours there, so that Monica could shop and buy Christmas gifts for the boys.  There were many interactive things to do, but we all thought the Formula 1 racing car simulator was the best thing.  All four of us tried that out.  Racing around the Sepang circuit just outside Kuala Lumpur was a lot of fun.  None of us won, that of course was Seb Vettel (who else?).

december 2012 067Shopping was a major thing that we needed and wanted to do in KL.  There are many things that we could just not buy in Kupang.  Number 1 on the shopping list was…baking paper, and it did not take us long to find this.  So, a big container is now on its way to Kupang…no, we just bought 6 rolls of baking paper!  Shoes for everyone were also bought, I have such big feet that my size does not exist in Kupang.  Another place we had wanted to check out was Ikea.  That was a nice experience too…seeing some of our old furniture in KL was a bit surreal.  It really was just like the Ikea in Forus.  In the past there had been a Norwegian bakery right outside Ikea.  Vi hadde gledet oss til å spise skulebolle eller kanelruller, men desverre hadde bakeriet flyttet.  However, in another shopping centre we came across a cafe called, `Norwegian Sandwich`.

december 2012 081Kuala Lumpur has a great transport system, and it was fun taking the monorail or express trains.  Very cheap, and very convenient.  Taxis were okay too.  However, the day we arrived we had to take a taxi from the train station to our hotel.  In fact we had to take 2 as we could not all fit into one, with our luggage.  Monica`s taxi driver knew the way to the hotel.  My driver did not, and I had to direct him to the hotel.  Of course, I had never been in KL before, so that was quite interesting…me, a foreigner, directing a taxi driver around KL, who had lived there all his life!  But we got there just a few minutes after Monica`s taxi.

december 2012 011Our hotel was very nice and comfortable, and we all enjoyed the breakfast buffet.  The boys also enjoyed the Disney channel on the TV.  Monica and the boys got to enjoy the pool at the hotel too, as it was quite warm in KL.  It is the rainy season there, but we hardly got rained on.  Instead we got to enjoy seeing the lightning  which lit up the city in the evenings from our hotel window.  It was a little bit sad to leave KL…the boys wanted to stay there longer.  But we headed back to Kupang, via an overnight stay in Jakarta.

december 2012 117We had prepared our house as much as possible to be insect unfriendly before we left for KL.  On arrival we found THIRTY ONE dead cockroaches in our kitchen.  Thankfully it was thirty one DEAD cockroaches, and not the living variety.  Other than that, everything else was fine with the house.  Before we left Kupang I had been looking forwards to not driving.  Once we had gotten rid of the cockroaches, we got into our car to do some shopping.  I turned the key, and nothing happened.  The battery was dead.  So we had to take a bemo to buy a new battery and shop too, but now the car is okay.  Life in Kupang is never boring!  Whilst we were away, the whole of Kupang, we were told, had an electricity blackout which lasted over 24 hours.  We are glad we missed that.  However, we  have had around 5 powercuts since we came back, but the longest time without power was around an hour. That is becoming the norm for us here.  So, now we are getting back into daily life here in Kupang.  The boys are back at their classes for just one week, and then it is the Christmas break.

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12 Responses to KUALA LUMPUR

  1. Lisa Reime Helgeland says:

    Så gildt å lese om oppholdet deres i KL! Vi har faktisk flere små figurer av Petronas-tårnet, siden Martin bodde der noen måneder for et par år siden, i forbindelse med arbeid. Godt at dere fikk gjort det dere skulle, og at huset var i rimelig god stand da dere kom tilbake. 😉 Her i huset har vi fått unnagjort to barneselskaper og et familieselskap på en uke – fantastisk å være ferdig. Nå koser jeg meg med Carola sin julemusikk og laging av julekort (litt seint ute). Ha en veldig fin førjulstid! 😄

  2. Vibeke&Thelma says:

    Kjekt å ‘følge med dere’. Vi har og vært i KL og jeg har en venninne som nettopp har kjøpt
    seg en lelighet der;). Vi vil gjerne sende noe til
    dere, har dere en adresse vi kan få?
    Masse hilsner til dere fra oss;)

  3. Vibeke says:

    Hei! Kjekt å følge dere via nettet;) Vi likte oss og i KL når vi var der for 13 år siden! En venninne av meg har nettopp kjøpt seg en leilighet der, så kanskje vi tar en tur dit igjen;). Vi ville gjerne sende noe til dere, har dere en adr som vi kan få? Thelma hilser masse til guttene!

    • Hei!Prøvde å sende en mail til deg, fikk du den?

      • Vibeke says:

        Ikke mottatt noe mail;(. Så glad for at dere fikk
        Forlenget oppholdet deres! Men traff på en nabo av dere nå i tjensvoll kirke, som ønsket
        Dere hjem igjen:). Men jeg regner jo med at med tid og stunder ser vi dere:), eller dere oss..hehe

  4. Grete says:

    Kjekt å lese 🙂 Her er julekortene ferdige. Hvilken adresse har dere nå???

  5. Rannveig says:

    Nå har me eit spesielt vinterver her, med nesten 1 m snø og storm i natt, det er noe anna enn 33 grader hos dokke! God helg 🙂

  6. Inge Tappel says:

    Hei, interessant å lese om dere i Kuala Lumpur, men mye stur for å skaffe stadig ny visa.
    Lurte på hva mailadressen deres er. Vi har mistet den dessverre.
    Må Gud velsigne dere videre. Dere er modige.

    Hilsen Inge og Borgny

  7. Annette says:


    Godt å høre at dere hadde en fin tur til Kuala Lumpur og fikk gjort det dere skulle!
    Jeg er nå i julemodus med diverse juleforberedelser. Syns det er en koselige tid nå før jul!
    Håper at dere har det fortsatt bra! Savner dere her!!! Ha en fin adventstid!
    Hvilken adresse har dere nå og er mailadressen som før?

    Stor hilsen fra Annette

  8. Målfrid says:

    Hei hei! Ja den naboen som vibeke traff, det var nok meg;) Vi skulle jo så gjerne hatt dere her. Men det gleder oss å høre at dere har det så bra og spennende! Klem fra Målfrid

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