Tomorrow our journey to apply for a new visa starts. After the children have been to school one of our friends will take us to the airport and we will fly to Jakarta with a short stop in Bali. In Jakarta we will have to stay overnight at the airport hotel before we early the next morning get on the plane to Kuala Lumpur. We leave the country the day our visa expires, meaning that we will have been in Indonesia for exactly 180 days.

We are looking forwards to our little holiday. Peter is REALLY looking forwards to not having to drive for 2 weeks. Monica is REALLY looking forwards to buying baking paper! ( And all the other things on our long shopping list) The children are getting excited about it too, although they for sure will miss their friends in kindergarten and school. Friendships can be quite deep even at that age as this little story shows…

Good friends!

One of the girls they have had a lot of contact with came crying home to her mother because she had heard that Joakim, Daniel and Erik were moving back to their own country…Her mother reassured her that we were just going away for 2 weeks, we were going to come back. But the girl was still quite heartbroken and could not believe that our boys were coming back.

A little while later Daniels teacher comes to the same mother. She is crying too and asks if the mother has heard the news that our boys are going away.  How this misunderstanding arose we do not know, but I think now everybody has realized that  we are coming back 🙂

Peter and I are a little bit concerned about leaving the house. Earlier this week we had a real ” wet season day”  with lots of  rain. After around 30 min of heavy rain we realized that our kitchen roof is still leaking, and so are the walls…This time I think we have to give up the thought that it can be fixed, ( It has been “fixed” 2 times already) and just find ways to live with it. So we wonder what the kitchen area will be like when we come back and no one has been able to dry up the water or remove the cockroaches along the way…We are praying that God will protect the house.

Another prayer request is that everything will go well at the embassy and that we will get our new 60 day tourist visa. They are known to be quite inconsistent there, so we are putting our trust in God 🙂

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3 Responses to OFF TO KUALA LUMPUR

  1. Moster Frøydis says:

    Ønsker dokke en fantastisk tur til KL!!! Og Herrens trofasthet er stor og Han vil ta vare på både dokke og huset!!
    Rørande om ungane som trudde dei norske vennene sko reisa for godt…

  2. Åshild says:

    God tur og ha en fin ferie!

  3. Lisa Reime Helgeland says:

    Riktig god tur til Kuala Lumpur! Håper dere får en fin ferie og at dere får utrettet det dere skal der. 😊

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