This week has given us an above average amount of practical problems. At times it feels as if we are using all our time trying to fix something. Quite frustrating when we don’t get to spend our time on the things we want to and that we came here for…

The first thing that happened was that a door frame partly loosened from the wall so that the door could no longer be closed. That probably doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but this was the door to out kitchen which still feels like outdoor, in spite of our new and blue plastic roof. We have at least one lizard family living out there, mosquitoes ( possible malaria transmitters) flying ants and the occasional cockroaches. As you probably understand these are not very welcome into our house.

Door that wont close…

No door…









As the title says there is also a blessing in this, and that is all the very good people who help us solve our problems. In this sense life is actually a bit easier here. In the housing complex where we live  there are still houses being built, so the workmen (who probably built this house too) willingly come and fix the problem. But while the new cement was drying we had two nights without a door. Luckily we had a mosquito net that we could use as temporary door. ( This was supposed to be used to close off all the gaps out there in the kitchen, but the whole project was put to a halt as we have not been able to buy a suitable ladder…)

The same day as our door was removed the car did not start. The security guard thought it was the battery. In our ignorance we thought that was something that only happens in Norway at minus 10 degrees. On second thought, we realized that we do a lot of very short driving, and often run in and out of shops while the rest of the family sits in the car with the air conditioner and the music on. So, the battery was taken to a workshop right next to our house.  The next day Peter goes to the shop, picks up the charged battery, a young boy comes with him , fits the battery in the car , the car still doesn’t work, but then after some more fiddling the car starts 🙂

Another example of how helpful and friendly the workmen here can be was when I ( Monica) crashed the car in the front gate of our street…  Probably not that bad I thought and continued on my way to pick up the children, until I realized that the front door could not be opened anymore…We drove off to a work shop we had used before, they fixed the car while we waited, painted it and everything, and we didn’t even have to pay 🙂

Not all stories have  happy endings though. At the moment Peter is sweating over the children’s bikes trying to fix punctures and chains that fall of all the time. Things here are generally and sadly bad quality…3 times Peter took a bike back to the shop, they fixed it, we got home and the chain fell off again. In the end they admitted that it was a production fault, we bought a new bike ( Which we had to pay 50% for) came home and the chain fell off again. The same day the bike had a puncture. Peter just fixed it and 5 min later there is a puncture again…(Today we were able to buy a puncture repair kit. The first shop Peter goes in to, say they don’t have it and that you probably can’t get it in the whole of Kupang.

A swollen smile…

Peter goes in to the next bicycle shop, just a few meters further down the road, and what do they have? puncture repair kits…)

In the midst of all this Peter had to go to the dentist for the first time here. By chance we

found a good dentist who speaks good english. Peter had a minor operation yesterday and is now supposed to be resting…

Just a random story at the end:

Daniel came home one day and announced that he had had his first motorbike ride…He was quite serious as he obviously understood that we were not going to be too happy about his little adventure. His teacher had “bribed” him into doing something that he didn’t want to do by offering him a ride on her motorbike, from the school to the kindergarten…

Cool biker

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