Erik is learning to read and write in 3 languages at the same time. Actually reading in english and Indonesian is not really something that he is learning at school.  There he is  expected to have learnt to read long before he started school. So that is of course a big challenge for Erik, and also for us parents. But he is doing very well, and he never complains. He really enjoys going to school, but was quite happy when his week of mid-term tests was over, because then he had to read so much by himself…Erik said a few days ago that it was easiest to write in Indonesian because then you write just like it sounds. Not quite that easy in norwegian, and certainly not in english 🙂

Anyway,  we are very happy to also be able to have norwegian school. Here Erik can increase his confidence by doing something that is on his level, and actually quite easy for him. It is a very fun way of learning for him. So every saturday morning Erik and I (Monica) log in to and have around 2 hours of norwegian learning. ( That is if the internet connection is good 🙂  ) This is a very good offer for norwegian children living abroad. It’s completely for free, and we are very impressed with it. It’s fun and very interactive. Erik has a teacher called Lene who comments on his work every week. There are over 100 pupils in the first grade spread all over the world. Erik can go in and see pictures of all the other children, their names and where they live. There are even around 5 other 6-year-old norwegian children here in Indonesia participating in this school.

Joakim and Daniel are also learning to read, so they enjoy watching and helping out. Other times Peter has to get out his creative skills to keep them occupied and quiet while Erik is concentrating on his work.

One of Peter’s hidden talents 🙂

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  1. Helen Eskeland says:

    Så gøy å følge dere på bloggen! dere skriver utrolig bra begge to…virker som dere koser dere, det er bra ! Helen som kjeder seg i stavanger

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