Beautiful white sands

The island of Timor is a very beautiful place.  It has stunning coastlines, high mountains, interesting rock formations, is surrounded by water yet is a very dry place in the dry season (we have yet to experience the wet season).  We live in the bustling provincial city of Kupang, but outside of the city there are nice places to go for a walk. And further afield, there are some very nice places to visit. We have still been to only a very small part of the island, but what we have seen is very interesting.  Sometimes we think that it would be a great place to be if you were a geologist (which we are absolutely not…for those geologists reading this feel free to point out our errors).

Beautiful grey sands

Indonesia is made up of many islands, and most of the populated larger ones have volcanoes.  Indonesia is the most volcanic country on the planet, with 70 of it`s 400 volcanos still active. Timor, however, is an exception to this having no volcanos on the island.  Yet, interestingly, volcanic rock is found everywhere!   Seashells are also found in the most strangest of places…like 800 metres above sea level, well over 100km from the coast! 

Fossilised/dead coral

More coral

Evidence of coral is found all over the island too. The whitish grey variety that washes up onto the beach can be picked up for a nice ornament or souvenir.  But there is also what looks like fossilised coral (or maybe that is what dead coral looks like).  The soil here can be a very reddish-brown, and when put together with the volcanic rock it can look very otherworldly.


Dry landscape

Den Norske Turistforening go far and wide to mark all paths

Rice field at sea level

800m above sea level, near Soe








The clouds are coming

We really enjoy going for walks here, even though it is very warm.  People here just don`t seem to go for walks like us Norwegians do (or us Englishmen who have lived in Norway).  It is great for the boys, as they get to run around unhindered, and play hide and seek or spy on their parents, and generally have fun.  One of the best things at the moment is that you don`t really have to check all the time for what`s going to happen every hour…”will it rain at 10.39 or was that 10.43?”.  Being a weatherman must be quite a boring job here…”Today, it will be hot, tomorrow it will be hot, next week we are expecting it to be hot.” So, we can go out not having to worry about the weather, for now at least.  This is the hottest month, but soon the rain season will be upon us.



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2 Responses to BEAUTIFUL TIMOR

  1. Ingar says:

    Hi everyone.
    I really envy you not having to ask if they can predict what your days are going to be like.
    From a geological point of view, I assume the the silica content in your rocks is very very low. Please confirm.
    Indonesia is according to my understanding rich on minerals. I believe there are lots of mines there, but it would be interesting to know if there are any mines in Timor, and what minerals they extract.
    Peter, I hope you can dig into this.

    You guys are lucky. Looking forward to visiting you one day

  2. Rannveig says:

    Hei, endeleg er me online og kan følgja med dokke igjen – etter 2 veker uten wordpress- og facebook-tilgang (Kina passer godt på sine). Godt å høyra at alt går godt, hels guttane!

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