Today was the last day of the first term in the school and the kindergarten. So they had what they call a Student Led Conference (SLC). Each child had half an hour to present what they have learnt to their parents (and in our case also their siblings).

Erik was the first child out of our boys, and he was really looking forwards to it. The children in his class have been practicing on their presentations the last few days. The teachers had told him to do it in english, and we were very impressed when he spoke in english and showed us what he had done in the different subjects. He had a folder with different work he had done, and then he showed us different things that were presented on the wall in his classroom.

Erik’s version of the story about the crocodile


After Erik’s presentation we rushed down to the kindergarten to catch Joakim’s appointed time. Joakim also spoke to us in english, in addition he did a lot of counting in indonesian. We were very impressed to hear him speak so much in english, as he has just started doing that quite recently. Joakim too had a folder and had things displayed on the wall. In the folder the teachers had commented on the work and they are very encouraging in their comments.

Daniel was supposed to come later in the day, but they were kind to us and let him do his presentation after Joakim so we didn’t have to come back again later. Daniel has become a lot more confident lately, and is really enjoying himself and participating much more now than what he did the first two months in the kindergarten. He impresses us with all the songs and actions he knows very well. We have realized that all the time he refused to participate he has actually been watching and learning. He also proudly showed us his folder and assignments that were hanging on the wall.






Next week the school has a mid-term holiday. Us parents are for sure looking more forwards to that than what the children are…Erik has been given all his school books to take home so that he can study for the mid-term tests they are going to have after the holiday. He will have 5 days of tests. Two each day, one on each subject. So we will potentially have plenty of studying to do with him. He was almost a bit worried at the thought of going through all those books…But when we explained that it was just to revise what he has already learnt in class he felt a bit better.

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  1. Rannveig says:

    Så bra at det går så godt med dei alle tre! Me må snart ta ein Skype igjen. Er barnevakt på Sandnes nå, I på reise og K på kveldsvakt. Det blir både kjøring og henting på ein fredagskveld. Har hatt ein flott soldag i dag, godt etter alt regnet. Klem til guttane!

  2. tante says:

    Så finke de flotte gutta er! De ser engasjerte ut og viser interesse for hverandres prosjekt. Veldig rørende å se og lese! Hilsen fra Tante Åshild i Oslo

  3. Esben says:

    Had a good time reading your blog. Its an adventure only to read – what it must be like to experience Kupang and vicinity live! Happy trails 🙂

  4. Anu says:

    Sounds great! I kind of find it hard to encourage Leevi to participate on action. Maybe he should go to kindergarten as well.

  5. Målfrid says:

    Jentene ble imponert nå når de såg kor mye guttene gjør på skole og barnehage. Imponerende at de har begynt å prate på engelsk! I dag har Sergej snudd om sofaen mens eg var på jobb, så nå sitte eg og kikke ut i hagen vår… Bare at det begynner å bli mørkt ute da… Men med fyr i peisen er det ganske koselig! Graturlerer med Daniel sin 4 års dag som var sist måned! Feiret dokke stort?

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