Today, it rained.  Not exactly big news to those of you in Norway or the UK, or most temperate lands.  However, apart from a few drops of rain here and there (and the last time that occurred was many weeks ago), we haven`t seen rain since we left Norway at the end of May. Of course, we have been in the dry season here in West Timor, which usually runs from May to November. The wet or rain season starts around December, lasting to February/March time. So it came as a bit of a surprise to see such heavy rain already at this time.

It is said that, `…in Spain the rain falls mainly on the plain`. Well, here in Kupang, the rain falls mainly through our roof.  Our kitchen roof, that is.  As mentioned in a previous post, we have a house with an open kitchen…no roof.  So, it was arranged to cover over that part of the kitchen, with a plastic roof. Well, we can now verify that it is not water tight.  Actually, we expected it to leak a little bit, but the leakage was a lot worse than we thought. So the rain streamed into our kitchen.  Just to make us feel a bit better, a HUGE insect (8cm long?) flew into our kitchen/swimming pool area through one of the many gaps in the roof (we are going to fit mosquito netting over these gaps) in order to shelter from the downpour. It looked like a dragon-fly or preying mantis (quite harmless), but we think it was a giant grasshopper or locust (harmless too).  However, it was big and unfortunately (look away now insect-lovers) we had to kill it with insect spray, as getting it out of the house would have been challenging.

After about 30-45 minutes of heavy rain  it eased up and stopped.  Quite a relief, but then the work of sweeping away the dirty water began.  We are still very blessed to have a place to live, and we know that this house is one of the better ones in Kupang, despite some very obvious faults in the design (why have an open kitchen, when there is a wet season??? 🙂 ).  It is nice to have a place to come home to that is cooled down with air-conditioning…even though it is now still leaking water into the wall after being `fixed` 2 times in the last few days 🙂 (The first workman suggested just painting over it to cover up the wet patches on the wall…)

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3 Responses to RAIN

  1. Lisa Reime Helgeland says:

    På Bryne har det regnet ganske mye i det siste, men det virker likevel som om dere er mer i kontakt med elementene der dere er! 😄 Interessant insekt, guttene mener det lignet på noe vi så på Rhodos, Godt vi ikke har slike her! Håper dere får tettet huset snart, før det virkelig store regnet kommer… 😉

  2. Rannveig says:

    Ja her kjem regnet øspøs for tida, men me har “hole hus” som me seier her av og til! Håpar det blir bedre neste gong regnet kjem. Klem til guttane!

  3. Målfrid says:

    I dag har det vært både regn, hagl og full sol, så me står ikkje værfast her nei! Nå har me spist middag, og jentene sitter og stirrer på barneTV… Sergej skal avsted på premiere på Tryllefløyten, han er med og synger med et kor, og vi var og kikket på generalprøven på tirsdag. Koselig. Ellers er det alltid kjekt å høre kossen dokke har det. Snart har dokke jo vært der i et halvt år, snart kan vi begynne nedtelling til sommeren, for da drømme me om at dokke komme hjem på besøk! Klem til alle fra oss.

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