As mentioned in our previous post, we had spent 2 days in Soe. We had a very nice time together with our friends, and got to see some very nice places. There was one thing we didn`t mention last time around, that was the highlight of our visit there…

On the way to Soe, we asked our friends if it was true that there were crocodiles here on the island of Timor. They said that it was true, but had yet to see one. We said that we had seen crocodiles before, but only in a zoo or wildlife park. So later that day after some sightseeing we were taken to a pond where they believed there was a crocodile.

The large pond had a  little island in it, and there were people fishing there. As we got nearer to the pond we saw something sticking out of the surface of the water, swimming to the other side! It looked like the nose of a crocodile! So we walked around to the other side, where there was a man and his son fishing. Our friends talked to the man about the crocodile, and he said that yes, there was a crocodile in the pond…and that he was around 5 metres long. That`s a big crocodile! Then as we were standing on the bank looking into the pond, the crocodile lifts his nose ever so slightly out of the water. We took photos, as we were standing around 2 to 3 metres away. He then sank down again. After a while he came up again in the same way but lifting his head out of the water, so that we could see his long and big mouth!

The man who was fishing said to us that if we wanted to see the crocodile when he was on land, then we could come back the next day at 10am. This was when the crocodile usually came up on land. One time he had bitten someone quite badly. So they shot at the croc, and he became blind in one eye.

Keeping their distance

So the next day, we got out of the house in good time. At the pond, someone said that the croc had already been up on land. However our friend went to get a live chicken to lure the croc out of the water. After a little while, he came up onto the land…

What a sight! He was huge! He must have been between 4 and 5 metres long from tip to tail! And here we were standing not so far from him…maybe 10 metres away to keep a respectful and safe distance 🙂 It wasn`t just us who were there…maybe there were around 20 locals who had come out to see the crocodile (word had spread quickly I`m sure). It was quite an amazing thing to see; a huge crocodile in it`s natural environment, with no fence or cage or wall separating it and us! We kept a careful eye on the children, but I don`t think they would have gone closer to the croc anyway. There was a man with a James Bond (of course it had to be him, who else was so brave…`The name`s Bond…`) t-shirt on who had the chicken. He tried to lure the crocodile more and more up onto the land. And the croc stayed on land for quite a while. It felt like maybe 20 minutes or so.  After a while they threw the (stakkars!/poor!) chicken to the crocodile. He caught it in his mouth and ate it in front of our eyes (not the nicest thing to see).  We took many photos of which you can see here. It was quite an experience.

Little chicken v big crocodile

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