Yesterday we returned from a 2 day trip to the mountain town of Soe. We had been invited there by the same family whom had taken us on a day trip to another town not far from Kupang. This is the family whose little girl is in reception with Joakim.

The journey from Kupang to Soe, takes around 2 and a half hours. It is on a very winding road, which increasingly rises to a height of over 800 metres above sea level. This is how high up Soe is. If you were to continue on that road for another 8 hours, you would come to East Timor. But we were just stopping at Soe. We were told that due to the higher altitude, it was `very cold` in Soe. Here in Kupang it regularly gets over 30C, so I guess it was much colder in Soe as it was around 27C during the day. However, it did get quite cool in the evening and night, probably around 17 or 18C.

Soe is a very interesting place…more for what happened there almost 50 years ago, that what you see there today. In the mid to late 60s there was a major revival from God in Soe. Many came to Christ, there was much repentance, many healings, and many amazing miracles which are similar to those that occurred in the Bible. Dead were raised, people walked on water, water was turned into wine, Jesus and angels appeared to people, food was multiplied like in the feeding of the 5000, and many more amazing things besides. In another post we will go into more detail about that. However, we were shown a place where the water had been turned into wine for use in communion, and the church where the revival had been centred on. We were also due to visit an old lady who had been a part of the revival, but she was at another house having a time of worship!

Our hosts, the grandparents of the little girl who is Joakim`s friend, talked with us about the revival. However, they are not originally from Soe, and moved there in the 80s. They are both Christian, and indeed the whole family is. We had a very nice time talking about Jesus, testimonies of what He had done, and some things to do with the revival. The grandfather prays for people if they are sick or in need. He would use his mobile phone to pray for those who are too far away to visit. A very good use of modern technology, by those who don`t have many earthly possessions. These people were not the poorest, but lived a simple life still. They were very hospitable, kind and generous. Sometimes it can be hard to receive so much, when we have given so little (if anything).

The children again had a very nice time playing together. We got to see some of the nature in and around Soe. As said before, it is over 800m up, so there were some very nice scenic views. We visited a waterfall area, and the children got to play at a playground. We met more members of the family, and they were just as generous and kind as the grandparents. As we said our farewells to the family each one of us was given a traditional sash-like cloth. This is worn across the shoulder.

Our hosts

We had a very good time in Soe, and we hope to go back there again sometime in the future. The highlight for our whole family while we were in Soe, we will write about in the next few days. 🙂

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2 Responses to SOE

  1. Heidi says:

    Nå kjenner jeg eventyrlysten begynner å gjøre seg gjeldende! Dere er så velsigna som får være med på dette!

  2. Lisa Reime Helgeland says:

    Det er så fantastisk å lese bloggen deres! Jeg sjekker hver dag om dere har lagt ut noe, og koser meg med hvert innlegg. Veldig inspirerende i en grå norsk hverdag. Det er utrolig hva dere får oppleve – jeg kjenner at jeg gleder meg veldig med dere! 😃

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