Indonesia’s flag by Erik

17 August is Indonesia`s independence day. This was achieved in 1945, right after the end of World War 2. The defeat of Japan, by the Allied forces meant the withdrawal of Japanese forces from Indonesia. Japan had actually planned to give Indonesia it`s independence on 24 August but with the surrender of Emperor Hirohito a week earlier, after the terror of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, so the 17 August became the day. There was still a fight to be free from the colonial power of the Netherlands, who had been the rulers before the war, but freedom was achieved.

Raising the flag

Daniel bowling

Water race

Sack race


 The boys had a very nice time at the school, the day before, which was a day to celebrate independence. There was a flag ceremony, which was followed by games. On the big day itself, we were invited to go on a trip to one of the villages outside of Kupang. We were invited by the family of one of the little girls who is in Joakim`s class in Reception. Her mother is also a teacher at the school. This village was over an hour`s drive from Kupang, along narrow roads, which at times were in a very bad condition. Once we arrived we met some of the family`s relatives, and in fact the father of the little girl is the grandson of a former king of that part of Timor (in times past there were several kingdoms here on the island). We ate a very nice meal of rice and meat, and the children got to play quite a lot with each other and the village children. It was a very nice time, and we also got to see a bit more of the nature too. 

Fun singing

Frog on a log

In the jungle

Rice in coconut leaves

Beginning of the trip…

…by the end

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  1. Rannveig says:

    Hei! Så gildt å sjå dei alle,flotte ungar, ser ut for at dei har det kjekt. Alltid gildt å lesa bloggen!

  2. Åshild Fitje says:

    Godt å se glade gutter! Hilsen fra tante Åshild

  3. Målfrid says:

    En liten romanse på gang her kanskje? Ser ut som det var en kjekk “syttende mai”. Joakim har blitt en flott ung mann (jfr bildet med solbrillene og hånd i hånd med jenta)…

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