Now that we are back online, we would like to share the latest news with what has been going on with us, down here south of the equator. 

School days

Today is exactly one week since the boys started at the school and kindergarten here. They are all doing very well in their classes.

This is a picture from outside of the school. Erik is lining up together with some of the other pupils. Erik has for a long time understood a lot of english, without really speaking anything. However this week his tongue has been loosened. He is speaking english really well. We asked him what happened and he said “Jesus helped me”. The school is in Indonesian + a bit of english,for sure it helps him that he has at least one language that he understands.

Joakim and Daniel are in another building around 5 minutes walk from the school. Joakim really enjoys himself and participates with the singing and the lessons they have. The whole system here is very different from what we are used to,but he is adapting very well.

Daniel is also doing well, yet we still need to accompany him at the moment.  He is getting quite tired of all the attention he has been getting, and doesn’t like it when anyone looks at him…Sometimes he will be in the classroom by himself for a little while, but when we check on him a little later he is normally hiding under a table or facing the wall…But he is being very brave and is taking small steps forwards every day…

Learning  two new languages together at the same time is no easy thing, and we ourselves have yet to begin studying Indonesian, as we have been so busy with the house and schooling for the boys etc.







Today I (Peter) have been to the immigration office here in Kupang. We have to get our 60 day visas extended so that we can be here for another 30 days, a thing that we can do a total of four times. This means that we can be in Indonesia for a total of six months before we have to leave the country. Today, I handed in the relevant papers and passports…in two days time I pay for the extended visas…and two days after that the whole family will go to the immigration office to have photos taken, and hopefully that day we can collect our passports with the visas stamped in. Then in around 3 weeks time, we have to do it all again. (This is a much shortened version of what actually happened, in handing in the relevant papers. There was much work and preparation beforehand. The biggest job was finding an Indonesian person who could be our reference or sponsor as they call it here. They have to sign for some quite heavy responsibilities on our behalf, luckily we have good friends who helped us with that).

Random things

Today is exactly two weeks since we moved into our house. We are very blessed to have this place to come home to. It is starting to feel like home, but we still have some furniture to find. This week we bought beds for the boys, one bunk bed, and a single bed for Erik. That was exciting for the children. It is also very good to know that we have a roof over our heads. Well, almost. Tomorrow the roof man comes to put a roof over our kitchen area. Yes, we have had a kitchen with no roof for two weeks. Strange, but true. This will help keep out the dust, dragonflies, mosquitos, and lizards. Not the sort of things you see in your average IKEA kitchen, it must be said. (Actually, the lizards are quite harmless to us, and they also eat mosquitos…apparently).

We are also very blessed to have a car to get from A to Z (usually via D, M, Q, R and X). In a previous post we wrote about how the driving is here. We are all still in one piece, and that is because we are getting used to the way of driving here. For example, if you come to a red light, it doesn`t neccesarily mean that you stop. Some cars stop, some don`t. Motorbikes rarely do. Some days ago, I (Peter) was driving us around. We came to a red light, and I waited at the lights. Behind me came a police moped, which started beeping it`s horn at me. I looked in my mirror, and the police officers were waving at me to drive even though the lights were still very red. So, forgive me, but I drove through a red light. What would have happened if I had not obeyed the police, I don`t know. Maybe I would have received a fine for NOT driving through a red light!  So now when we come to traffic lights, we really don`t know what to do 🙂

At the weekend we went to one of the beaches here. We have been in Indonesia for 50 days and that was the first time we had been to a beach here. The boys had a very nice time, and enjoyed jumping in the waves and playing in the sand.

Thankyou again for all of those who read this blog. Thankyou also to all those who pray for us. We really appreciate that.

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5 Responses to LATEST NEWS

  1. Lisa Reime Helgeland says:

    Nå har vi kommet hjem fra ferie og jeg har endelig fått oppdatert meg på de siste ukers begivenheter i fjerne østen. Så fantastisk alt har ordnet seg for dere – med hus, bil, skole/barnehage osv.! 😃 Det er så gildt å lese det dere skriver, veldig inspirerende for oss her hjemme. Vi tenker så mye på dere, alle sammen. Stor klem fra Lisa

  2. Rannveig says:

    Hei igjen, så fint å sjå bilder frå skolen! Håpar Daniel også finn venner og blir trygg i barnehagen. Nå har me hatt Ingar med familie på overnatting, på veg til Rygge og Kreta. Har hatt sol og fin beise-dag, og kaffibesøk av hytte-venner. Håpar alt er ok med visum. Hels guttane!

  3. Grete says:

    Det er bare så kjekt å følge bloggen deres! Måtte smile når jeg leste om trafikklysene 🙂 Lykke til med kjøringa!

  4. Inge Tappel says:

    Kjekt å høre fra dere om alt som skjer og at dere har kommet inn i hus, med tak over (nesten). Får håpe at barna finner seg til rette i skole og barnehage. Her i Norge er vi ferdig med endel av ferien, skal ha noe mer i september. Til helgen skal vi feire 60-års dagen til Borgny med barna på Fidjeland hotel, glede oss til det. Var noen dager på Oase i Fredrikstad og opplevde store ting av Gud der. Mange ble bedt for og endel ble helbredet.
    Gud velsigne dere.
    Hilsen Borgny og Inge

  5. sri ruggles says:

    hi……i almost crying read your life in kupang…….i hope u getting use to it………everything is not the same like in here……we planning to go to indonesia next year on december. and we would like to meet u guy’s in Bali probably……really looking fordward to see u again….GOD bless u n your family…….i hope inonesian people treat u verry nice…….:)

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