Indonesian people are very friendly. They really like children, and the people here in Kupang are no exception. As we have mentioned before in a previous post our boys are well liked. Both men and women will want to touch them, say hi, squeeze their cheeks or give them 5.  Every day there are people who take photos of the boys. In the hotel, on the street, in the restaurant, in the car (from their motorbike or car), and even on the minibus (only on one occasion has this happened to us parents…at a laundry).

It really is like being a celebrity at times here. A few days ago we were taken to a restaurant by a friend. One of the waitresses recognised Joakim…only she had never met him before. She had seen his picture posted on Facebook. You may or may not be surprised to learn that there are not so many foreigners here.

However, celebrity status can go to one`s head…

The youngest of our clan, Daniel has had, it seems a complete personality transformation. He used to be a little cute, quiet (mostly), shy boy. Now, he goes up to complete strangers to give them 5, or drag them around by the hand. He made quite an impression on one of the local pastors here, it was as if they had been friends for years. Quite funny to observe. At times Daniel does take it a bit far. At one of the restaurants, we met the owner. After just a few moments, Daniel dragged off the owner to run around on the grass amidst the water sprinklers! We have worryingly wondered what would ever happen if the President came to Kupang, and happened to meet Daniel!


In Bali it was the swimming pool. Monica and the boys spent many fun hours in the pool. Peter cannot swim (sad, but true), and had to endure…sorry, enjoy (typing error there, folks) that time.

Now, here in Kupang, it is the game of pool. Fantastic times, are spent playing this wonderful game. The boys have grown to really like it, whilst Monica gives encouragement from the sidelines. Peter likes it too. If you hadn`t guessed.


We are trying to find our feet here. Today was a very significant day in us being settled here. We have been looking around to find a school and kindergarten for the boys here.  Last Friday, we were invited to attend the graduation/end of year celebration of a recommended school. That was very nice, as we got to see the pupils, and see some of the teachers.

Today, we had a meeting with the principal of the school. The outcome of that, is that our boys are now registered with the school/kindergarten! This is very good news, and we really are thankful to God for this, as education is a very important thing for the boys. Erik, will begin in the first school year, whilst Joakim will be in reception (pre-school), and Daniel will be in the kindergarten. They begin in 3 weeks time! The school teach in both Indonesian and English, so the boys will be learning 2 new languages. Their understanding of English is improving all the time, but they are yet to really speak it. That will come of course.

As regards housing…God is doing amazing things with that. However, we will not say what that is at this moment. But, rest assured,  we will inform you of what those things are when they reach their fulfillment…which may be quite soon.

Another day, another house

But what do we do with our days at the moment then?

A typical day begins with breakfast at the hotel. This usually consists of rice, noodles, meat, bread and jam, cereal, fruit etc.  Not your traditional Norwegian or British breakfast.

Afterwards we will go out and look at houses. Looking at a house can take some time, as we have to take a taxi or minibus usually to one part of the city, then hop on another minibus to get to another  part of Kupang.  Looking at houses in Kupang can be quite interesting. The first one we looked at today had a car parked in the living room.

Then we will try to eat a warm meal, be that dinner or a late lunch. In the evening we will usually be at the hotel. The boys sleep, whilst we talk and pray about the day, or what will happen the next day. We will also write on this blog. So our days can be quite busy. Very often the boys get bored looking at houses, or being in an office. But they are doing very well in the circumstances.

We are very encouraged as to what God is doing with us here. Tomorrow is another day with new possibilities. We actually have to move to another hotel, as virtually all the hotels in the city are fully booked including this one. This is because there is a governmental gathering here in Kupang. We were only told yesterday, but thankfully we found one hotel with 2 available rooms nearby. The next one has no internet, we think, so it may be a few days offline for us.

So, thankyou for reading this, and be blessed!

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4 Responses to ALMOST FAMOUS

  1. Rannveig Thu says:

    Godt nytt, godt å høyra at noe fell på plass! Håpar det snart blir bolig også. Spennande med skole etc. for guttane, det var bra. Hels alle frå mormor!

  2. Lisa Reime Helgeland says:

    Vi følger med på bloggen deres daglig, kjekt hver gang det er noe nytt! Det er så morsomt og spennende å lese det dere skriver. Godt å høre at alt går bra med dere, og at ting er i ferd med å falle på plass. Skal hilse fra alle i heimen her. Klem fra Lisa

  3. Målfrid says:

    Spennende med skole og barnehage! Tenkte på dere i dag, for vi var ute med noen fra gaten nedenfor. Heldigvis er det flere koselige naboer her, selv om ingen er som dere! I morgen skal vi feire Kristina sin bursdag, vi sniker litt på forhånd, men det er vel lov. Hun gleder seg veldig!
    Klem fra oss alle!

  4. Margreth says:

    Kjekt at det ordna seg med skule og barnehage! Blir spanande når dei skal begynna. Kjekt at de er så flinke med å oppdatera oss heima, veldig gildt å fylgja med på bloggen. Nå har me fått sommarferie her, herleg! Ventar bare på finveret som ennå ikkje har kome!!

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