Today we embarked on a very important mission, which affected the whole family. It was something that had a kind of deadline and had to be achieved quickly and efficiently. Yep, we had to get our laundry done. Cleaned, dried and ready by tomorrow. The boys  need clean clothes for the next day, as do we. Having no more clean dinosaur/racing car underwear is almost catastrophic. And also the boys are running out of underwear too.

So, we found a taxi driver to take us to a laundrette as our hotel is a bit far from the city. After an hours driving we found one. We had driven around the whole of Kupang, and came back to near the hotel…where we found the laundrette. Patience is a virtue.

Later on we looked at another house. This was our 10th house since we came here to Kupang. There are 2 possibilities which we are considering and praying about. However, we will still continue to look for houses. We are also closing in on finding a school/kindergarten for the boys, but there are still uncertainties with both the housing and schooling situation. Patience is a virtue.

We also walked around a bit and came across a big sign which had a norwegian word on it. This was quite funny to see. Ombudsman, has become quite an internationally used word, even here in Kupang.

We also cannot fail to mention Daniel enjoying his spaghetti at a restaurant later in the day (this is the KFC, where we go almost every day as there are not so many good restaurants to find here). It was actually quite hot and spicy even for us, but he just ate it all up. He seemed to be really enjoying it, that much can be said.

So today has been a little bit different from other days, as we have only seen the one house. Tomorrow is another day; and also the day we collect our laundry!

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4 Responses to PATIENCE

  1. mor says:

    Ting tar tid, håpar de snart finn noe som passar. Skal helsa frå mostrane, nå har me
    møtt Leona med sine nybakte foreldre.

  2. Heidi says:

    Hysterisk morsom underbuksehumor Peter!

  3. Målfrid says:

    Godt å høre deres lystige toner i det dere skriver. Eg kan høre stemmene deres når eg leser, herlig! Ønsker dere masse lykke til, håper og tror at det ordner seg for dere! Fortsett med å holde oss oppdatert her på bloggen! Setter pris på det. Savne dokke fortsatt!

  4. Karianne says:

    Enig med Heidi, kjempemorsomt 😉 !

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