We have now been almost one week in Kupang.

So where is Kupang? It lies on the divided island of Timor…West Timor belongs to Indonesia, while East Timor belongs to, er, East Timor. Complicated stuff here. Anyway, Kupang is the capital of not only West Timor, but also of the province it lies in. Kupang is quite different to Bali, being less developed but also less crowded which we prefer. Kupang is many things, but probably the most important thing is that it is a place full of friendly people. Our boys get SO much good attention from almost everyone we walk past on the street or meet. They even want their picture taken with the boys!

So what has happened this week?…We have been trying to find a place to live. For now we are in a hotel…actually this is our 3rd hotel this week. We have been trying to find the best hotel in terms of practical living and value for money. Maybe we could also write the hotel reviews for Kupang in the next edition of Lonely Planet Indonesia. Anyway, we have been house hunting, Kupang style.  It has been quite amazing how God has done this for us, as He has brought people across our path who have had a house to rent or sell. The first day we were at a phone kiosk and a lady came to help us with translating. Shortly afterwards she said that she had a house to rent. So the next day we got to see it. It was too big for us, but later that day we got to see another house through a man we met at a cafe. This involved riding on the back of a motorbike to get to the house. (But don`t worry, it was just Peter on the back-not all 5 of us!) Later on we looked at another. The next day we went to a housing association we had read about on the internet. There we met an ethnic chinese lady who spoke very good english. She showed us one of their housing projects with a house that we are thinking could be one we could move into possibly. The next day she helped us find another house we had arranged to see. 

The above mentioned Chinese lady and her husband have become good friends with us already. They are a very helpful and friendly couple. They have driven us around to various places. Today they took us on a little trip where we ended up at a beach where we drank coconut juice and ate grilled corn. That was very nice. They both have lived in Australia, so speak very good english. We believe that God has led us to them as they are key people both to us and Kupang. They have a lot of good contacts here in the city, and far beyond. Yet they are humble and very very nice. Earlier on today, we were able to meet up with our friend who had helped us so much via email, before we came here. We have also looked at some schools, and have more to see.

It has been a very blessed week for us. We came here knowing no one and very little about the place, yet God has given us good contact with the people. Already, we have a family whom we can call friends. God is so good, and all this is down to Him. Glory to Him. Thankyou to everyone who has prayed for us, and those of you who read this blog. We really appreciate that. Please find below some pictures for your enjoyment. Bless you.

I wonder if the tooth fairy knows the way to Kupang

Joakim carving out his coconut

Drinking coconut juice

Daniel in the forest

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  1. Rannveig Thu says:

    Så fint å få fersk oppdatering, på ein lørdag ettermiddag saman med Rune-familien på hytta. Godt å høyra alt, håpar de finn eit hus å leiga snart!

  2. Margreth Jess Tjøstheim says:

    Hei alle 5! Så utruleg kjekt å få fylgja med dykk på denne bloggen. Håper alt ordnar seg etterkvart med hus og skule.

  3. Anne Jolaug Aase Braut says:

    Hei. Så godt at alt har gått bra til nå. Kjekt med blogg. Eg kommer til å sjekke den hver dag for å se om det er noe nytt…..

  4. Inge Tappel says:

    Tusen tusen takk for du gav oss denne adr , så fint vi kan følge med dere. Utrolig å høre om alt som skjer og som Gud velsigner dere . Ha det godt heile gjengen. Her e det bryllupsplaner og Usa fam som kommer hjem om to dager. Klem Borgny, hilser fra Inge.

  5. Moster Frøydis says:

    Så gildt med blogg! Kjem til å følgja med dokke. Snart ordner det seg med både hus og skule og, GUD KAN!!!

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