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Life in Kupang is never dull. Everything is new to us here…the climate, the culture, the people, the food, and not to mention, the local transport system. There are 3 main methods of public transport here: taxi, ocek or bemo. … Continue reading

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We would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who has read this blog, and a special thankyou to those of you who have written comments on here. It is always very nice to read the comments, and is … Continue reading

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A while ago we were praying with the children about a house. Then Erik shares that God told him that we were going to find a house that we liked,and that we were going to have a good time while we … Continue reading

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Indonesian people are very friendly. They really like children, and the people here in Kupang are no exception. As we have mentioned before in a previous post our boys are well liked. Both men and women will want to touch them, say hi, … Continue reading

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Today we embarked on a very important mission, which affected the whole family. It was something that had a kind of deadline and had to be achieved quickly and efficiently. Yep, we had to get our laundry done. Cleaned, dried … Continue reading

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We have now been almost one week in Kupang. So where is Kupang? It lies on the divided island of Timor…West Timor belongs to Indonesia, while East Timor belongs to, er, East Timor. Complicated stuff here. Anyway, Kupang is the capital of … Continue reading

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Here we are enjoying the windowless bus in Bali! It has been a lot of fun to be here in Bali…fun in the pool, enjoying the sun, playing together. Tomorrow we embark on the last leg of our journey to Kupang. We … Continue reading

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