Hello and welcome to our blog! It has taken us a while to get it up and running, but we have finally got round to it. We have been quite busy what with moving out and cleaning our old house in Stavanger…and then moving temporarily here to Bryne…then driving down to Legoland in Denmark (and back again).

Now there are only 3 days left until we begin on our journey. It is amazing how time flies, and we find ourselves on the step of a new chapter in our lives. We are looking forward to moving out east, knowing there will be many challenges ahead. Yet there will also be many blessings too, and we have already been very blessed. The timing of everything has gone so well, and the many many things that seemed up in the air not so long ago, are now falling into place.  Soon it will be us up in the air…we will be sitting on 4 different planes to get to our new city of residence. Thankyou for taking the time to read this.

Every blessing to you.

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  1. Grete says:

    Vi har julekort til dere. Har dere en adresse?? (Det kommer vel fram til påske, men pytt, pytt)

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